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Hiring a professional photographer

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and a beautiful canvas is hanging on their wall of their family or children?
When you ask who took that photo, I imagine they rarely say, “my friend so and so who just got a great camera and
started doing photography on the side”.

In this day and age it seems that everyone is a budding photographer. Truly, everyone has to start somewhere.
The best photographers were all newbies at one time. We live in a digital age and affordable camera equipment and even
cell phones are used to produce photos everyday. Whatever you do…. don’t be fooled.

Good photography isn’t just about “getting a focused picture”. Creating beautiful images is about telling your life’s story to friends,
family, and future generations. Anyone can pick up a camera and learn how to operate one.
Some people can even be an expert at operations and take boring lackluster photos.

Capturing the essence of you, your family, or important events in your life will take a discerning eye.
Good photography is an art. In the same way, not everyone using a paint brush can produce a masterpiece, not everyone holding a
camera can produce memorable captivating images.

On the other hand, you can have a budding photographer with a great eye and much promise but lacks the skill and equipment
or even the discipline to schedule and show up for an appointment. There are just no do-overs for some life events. Photography can be a hobby
or a business.  When it comes to a wedding, birth, engagement, milestones, or other special events, it’s worth the money to hire a professional.

A trained professional with experience and the right equipment can capture the emotion and otherwise unnoticed beauty that an
untrained eye could miss. Not to mention, that a seasoned photographer has learned to choose the perfect setting, props, focus, best angles, and most
importantly, the lighting. A photograph is capturing a moment in time. And some moments are not worth the risk.

A true professional will have a happy client list. It pays to read the reviews and look at their portfolio. Many photographers specialize in
specific genres like weddings, family, newborns or portraits. So make sure you pick the right one for your life event.

You can have a good friend or family member take your photos and they MIGHT (big might) turn out ok.
If you are really wanting quality prints and images that will scream beautiful, it’s best to forgo the risk. Find a professional photographer
that can produce a beautiful moment in time that is worth the investment and cause all your family and friends to ask, “WOW – Who’s your photographer?”

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 20 reviews
Professional Is the Way to Go!

Kim has photographed my babies and I love the way she takes pride in not only her work but the beautiful art and stories she creates with her camera in just a few images! She's got great customer service and is so easy to work with- especially in times when getting that perfect shot seems so stressful to us mommas! she works her magic! 🙂

by sheri cook on Blank Business Name
So True!

Agreed! Hiring a professional photographer is crucial for those special fleeting moments.

Couldn't Agree More!

I love this article...definitely the part about no do-overs for some a life's important events.

by Marcelle Raphael on Blank Business Name

Great information! Love all these beautiful images!

by Bianca on Blank Business Name

Love it!! So much truth!

by Shelayna on Blank Business Name

Love it Kim! So true.

by Amy Sample on Blank Business Name

great advice

by Baotran on Blank Business Name

This couldn't be more true! Photography is an investment in an experience, it is so much more than just photos. I love the timeless photos you capture of these little ones!

So, so true!!! There is so much more than picking up a camera and clicking the button. You are so talented and your clients are very lucky.

by Lindsay on Blank Business Name

Absolutely amazing photographer! It's so incredibly important to choose a photographer who loves what they do and is experienced with handling the little ones. Kimberly Fain Photography will not disappoint!

by Milana Photography on Blank Business Name
Amazing Newborn Photographer!

Love your work so much! All of the posing and the gorgeous props, everything is just perfection 🙂

Consistant with Gorgeous Newborn Images

As I have followed Kim in her newborn photography, I see that she gets great results with every session. Not all babies are alike, and some aren't sleepy for their session, but a seasoned newborn photographer can insure you will have a lot of beautiful images to choose from and will know how to help your baby into timeless images. It's such a short window of time being a newborn baby, that Kim's skill and gifting will allow you to have the type of images you will treasure.

by Meredith on Blank Business Name

Kim, Your images are absolutely amazing!!! I wish my babies were little again!

by Bianca on Blank Business Name
AMAZING work AND person

Kim I have watched you grow so much. You are an incredible person and a talented photographer. All Dallas area mamas should RUN at the opportunity for you to capture their babies first moments!

Perfectly said!

This is so well said! I worked for 5 years as a wedding coordinator and the BIGGEST regret our brides often had was going cheap on their photographer! The same is SO TRUE for newborn photography. With weddings and newborns, there simply are no do overs!Great information here!

Kim - I love seeing your baby images. Makes me happy to see your work come through my newsfeed. Keep up the good work!! And just FYI - you made a risky move by re-branding but you pulled it off! I love your new name and your new logo. It's gorgeous 🙂

Best newborn photographer

Kim is the BEST newborn photographer, and I’m so thankful we had her take pics of our sweet, baby girl. Our little one wasn’t being very cooperative and did not want to sleep for her photo shoot, but Kim was SO extremely patient. She eventually coaxed her to sleep and captured the most precious, priceless images. If you are on the fence about hiring a professional photographer, I guarantee you won't regret your decision of hiring Kim! I look at our daughter's pics daily and am so thankful I have such beautiful images of her at that precious, little age! Thank you, Kim Fain!

by Kelsey on Blank Business Name
Beautiful work

I love watching you grow! You are absolutely doing an amazing job. I will send every single person I know to you. This is definitely your year! Happy 2017

by Charlene Mahone on Blank Business Name

Kim is the best! She does beautiful work!

by Kandi Andeson on Blank Business Name

Hiring a professional is so worth the investment!! Especially after looking at your galleries. You are the best! Love love love your work!

Thank you Kandi

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